Nedlands Court Improvements

As many know it was mooted that Nedlands would not be a venue to be used for the Nationals to be held here in Perth in 2019, due to the ‘fall off” on the eastern boundaries of courts 1 and 2. A number of individuals from several clubs decided to rectify this. This was with no thought of reward other than in the best interest of Croquet in WA.
The work was difficult, and exacting, but it was a delight to see members of several clubs working together purely in the interest of having good croquet venues here in Perth.

Thanks go to Basil Ladyman who drove the project along with the Kanga!, Jeff Locke, Alan Sands, Peter Pekaar, David Williams, Val Hogan, Sandra Stevenson, Barb Wilson, Gaye Matthews, and Richard Lee were all there with shovels, rakes, levellers and good humour. The good humour and energy was maintained by a continual supply of food and drinks. Nedlands Club would like to thank them all for their great work.

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