ACA Eire Cup Results 2019

Victoria won its 24th interstate AC competition, with NSW coming second for the 12th time. WA was 3rd, from Qld, Tas and then SA. All the results are on

Tasmania had a credible result that with an ounce of luck could have seen them 3rd but still the 5th place has continued a modest recent run.

Kerri-Ann Organ from Victoria won all 10 singles, the only player to do that this year.

Alison Sharpe, Alix Verge and Gail Hopkins all had 9 wins, showing once again that good ladies equal interstate cup success.

The best men were Jim Nicholls, Trevor Bassett, Peter Ross and Stephen Forster with 8 wins.

Doubles combinations that won all 5 matches were Alison Sharpe and Jim Nicholls, Trish Devlin and Chris Grant, Megan Fardon and Ian Dumergue.

Disappointingly a total of 9242 hoops were run which does not compare favourably to the last time the event was in Perth when 10384 hoops were run.

Tasmania were 340 hoops up, SA up by 50, all other states had significant drops in scoring rates, Qld down 200, Vic 358, WA 470, NSW 500.

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