Croquetwest Announces GC Squads for 2021

Croquetwest would like to congratulate the following players on their selection to the GC State Squad and the State Support Squad for 2021.

State Squad
Ladies: Janine McHardy, Robyn Dart, Jennifer Brand, Joyce Carbone, Maggie Cussell, Wendy Pritchard, Kay Chynoweth.
Men: Chris McWhirter, Brett McHardy, Torben Bak, Martin Clarke, Alan Sands, Kim Reynolds, Gary Phipps, Ben Brown, Henry Smith.

State Support Squad
Ladies: Debra Bowling, Nola Kimberley, Glynnis Ranger, Wendy Prendiville, Dianne Bower, Katie Williams, Pat Tombleson, Sandy Boon, Lesley Holmes.
Men: Paul Christmass, Rob Bowling, Marcus McGavock, Darcy DeVries, Michael Trefusis-Paynter, John Rea, David Williams, Lachlan Millar.

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