ACA Bronze Medal Facts

After Jeff’s win on the weekend, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the history of the event.

In 1952 A Donaldson is listed as WA’s first ever winner. Hedley Gunton (Tas) is listed as the inaugural winner of the ACA Gold Medal.

It was in 1959 that WA had their first National Winner in Gwen Leahey. Gwen won our title on 3 separate occasions.

Sheila McDonald and Jeff Newcombe share the record for the most wins at 9!

R Western is the only competitor to have won the event 4 times in a row (1986-1989)

G Leahey, J Muir, S McDonald, R Western, J Newcombe, M Clarke, P Ross, and I Demergue have all gone on to win the National Title. Ian is our only multiple Gold Medal winner (2002,2012).

Bruce Fleming (Qld) has won the Gold Medal on 5 occasions.

Bronze Medal 2019
Winner: Jeff Newcombe Runner Up: Alan Sands

A special mention goes to Martin Clarke for his tireless efforts in collating and organising the records for the various croquet events held throughout WA. Our history is important.

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