Golf Croquet Tactics – Basic Principles – PART 2

Part 2

(d) “inside” = good, “outside” = bad

  • you should place your incoming ball where it can’t be hit far away
    (ie towards a near boundary, not out into the court)
  • try and find the “50/50 distance” where your opponent can’t decide whether to clear you or block.  Depends on each opponent, and changes during games

(e) use the furniture

  • hide from your opponent behind hoops and other balls so they can’t hit you
  • when hitting them away, try & put them where they can’t see you

(f) be patient

  • play to your percentages (and practice to improve them) so don’t try miracle shots unless you have to
  • it is often better to just load another ball in front of the hoop rather than try a difficult clearance/block trying to ensure that your other ball can run the hoop straight away
  • play to win the game, not just the next hoop

(g) play your own game, not theirs

  • its easy to start playing your opponents game, but they’ll usually be better at that than you, so play to your own strengths
  • keep alert and adjust to what is happening – if they’re having a bad day, missing hoops/clearances/jumps then you can take more liberties

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