Tips to Improve Your Game – Knowing what you want to achieve

Received some good advice the other day from Greg Bury in regards to AC.

Every time you walk on the lawn you only need to think of four things:

Am I –

  • Building a break
  • Maintaining a break
  • Repairing a break
  • Setting a leave 


You are playing a lift shot

You are building a break/ not hitting a lift

Get in the habit of being more definite about what you want to achieve with every shot, not the overall result

I was reading an article from the Croquet World Magazine titled, “Does your brain control your mallet?” where the author notes,

‘In his superb book, Maurice Reckitt advised players to do their thinking while walking between shots, but never to think while playing the shot, instead fixing their concentration on the “blade of grass” where the struck ball is to land.”

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