Golf Events

Details of all the current Golf Croquet events in the calendar with the tournament results and a report, where one was done. This table has been rebuilt recently due to an data error, if you spot any errors or omissions in the information please use the Contact Us form.

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Event NameWinnerYearResults
GC ACA Bronze MedalTorben
GC Albany Gomm Park Handicap DoublesA: Jennie Creek & Kim Reynolds
B: Dianne & Ian Duncombe
C: Walter Reid & Clive Faulkner
GC Brian Hadley StarJoyce
GC Bunbury Central Handicap DoublesWinners: Dianne Duncombe & Sam Reynolds
Runners-up: Robyn Dart & Alan Simons
GC Busselton Handicap DoublesG & D
GC Cambridge Bash for Cash A&BJennifer
GC Cambridge Daft DoublesT Thomas & F
GC Champion of ChampionsMartin
GC Country Open SinglesBlock A: Brett McHardy
Block B: Bob James
Block C: Des Boxell
GC Country Weekend SinglesA&B: Denis Bull
C&D: Bob James
Club: York
2018-19A & B Grade
C & D Grade
GC George Parslow Handicap DoublesCornish &
GC Gosnells 12 Handicap DoublesPeter Brown & Tim
GC One Day A Grade SinglesGary
GC One Day B Grade SinglesEd
GC One Day C Grade SinglesJan
GC One Day Open SinglesBrett
GC One Day Women’s SinglesKerry
GC PennantsChampion Club: Cambridge
A Grade: Chris McWhirter
B Grade: David Williams
C Grade: Bethwyn Johnson
GC Pennants - A GradeForrest Park
GC Pennants - B
GC Pennants - C GradeComo-Vic
GC Selectors' 6Ben
GC Sorrento April Fools DoublesDavid Fardon & Peter
GC State B Grade SinglesLachlan
GC State C Grade SinglesDale
GC State Handicap SinglesHenry
GC State Mixed DoublesChris McWhirter & Kay
GC State Open DoublesJeff Newcombe & Alan
GC State Open Women's SinglesRobyn
GC State Open Men's SinglesAlan
GC State Open SinglesTorben
GC Statewide TeamsMJM (J&M Hawker & M Woolf)
GC Vic Park Flexi DoublesMaggie Cussell & Peter
GC York Country DoublesDenis Bull & Maggie
GC York Over 65's SinglesWinner: Myles Harmer
Runner-up: Maggie Cussell