Golf Events

Details of all the current Golf Croquet events in the calendar with the tournament results and a report, where one was done. This table has been rebuilt recently due to an data error, if you spot any errors or omissions in the information please use the Contact Us form.

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Event NameWinnerYearResults
GC ACA Bronze MedalBrett
GC Albany Gomm Park Handicap DoublesA: Jennie Creek & Kim Reynolds
B: Nancye Perkins & Michael Murphy
C: Joan & John Doepel
GC Brian Hadley Rising StarPeter Pekkar
GC Bunbury Central Handicap DoublesColin and Judith Nicholls2014-15Results
GC Busselton Handicap DoublesDavid Williams &
GC Cambridge Daft DoublesDavid Gould & Jennifer
GC Champion of ChampionsEric Ayling
Country: Eric Ayling
GC Country Open SinglesBlock A: Martin Clarke
Block B: Paul Painter
Block C: Jennifer Rechter
GC Country Weekend SinglesA: Paul Dodson
B: Paul Dodson
C: Rhonda Reynolds
Club: Geraldton
GC George Parslow Handicap DoublesPeter Brown & Tim
GC Gosnells Handicap DoublesTerry Brown & Colleen
GC Gosnells One Day SinglesWomen: Sue Anderson
Men: Martin Clarke
2015-16women's results
men's results
GC One Day B Grade SinglesBrian
GC One Day C Grade SinglesPeter
GC One Day Open SinglesTorben
GC One Day Women’s SinglesKerry
GC PennantsA: Forrest Park
B: Forrest Park
C: Cambridge
Champion Club: Cambridge
GC State B Grade SinglesMike
GC State C Grade SinglesDavid
GC State Mixed DoublesMartin Clarke & Jannine
GC State Open DoublesMatthew Whitfield & Ben
GC State Handicap SinglesBen
GC State Open Ladies' SinglesFleur
GC State Open Men's SinglesMartin
GC State Open SinglesChris
GC Vic Park Flexi DoublesBrett & Janine
GC York Country DoublesDorothy Bull & Martin
GC York Over 65's SinglesWinner: Myles Harmer
Runner-up: Maggie Cussell