Golf Events

Details of all the current Golf Croquet events in the calendar with the tournament results and a report, where one was done. This table has been rebuilt recently due to an data error, if you spot any errors or omissions in the information please use the Contact Us form.

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Results 2023-24 Season

Event NameWinnerYearResults
Belmont DoublesJoyce Carbone & Brett
Brian Hadley Rising StarDavid
State B Grade DoublesJudith Nicholls & Dianne
ACA Bronze Medal Gary
GC State Handicap SinglesBob
GC Gosnells 12Ian Tarling & Jenny
GC State OpenBrett
Gosnells Le Comte CompetitionMaura
Belmont Park Club ChampionshipBrett
East Fremantle Club ChampionshipHarry
WA Ladies Silver TeapotJan
One Day Singles A GradeJeff
One Day Singles B GradeLesley
Country Week SinglesMartin
George PaslowJan & Terry
Busselton Singles ChampionshipRobyn
Mandurah C Grade DoublesJanice Davidson & Wendy
State B Grade SinglesDavid
Geraldton Open SinglesPaul
Forrest Park C Grade SinglesDiana
Como Handicap SinglesSimon
Bunbury Central Hcp DoublesMax Woolf & Brent Regterschot2023-24
Belmont Park Handicap SinglesPerry Motteram2023-24
Sorrento April CompJenny and Ian - Cambridge2023-24
Women's SinglesRobyn
Men's SinglesGary
Open DoublesRobyn Dart & Gary
Selectors 6Robyn
Ladies InvitationalWendy
Over 65's YorkLachlan Miller2023-24
Cambridge GiftRojer Jakeway & Maureen
State C Grade SinglesAnthony
Country SinglesA: John Bird
B: Barrie Stewart
Sorrento DoublesJan & Terry
Gosnells Handicap DoublesColleen Sacco & Maura
Geraldton Doubles LPGlenys & Sharky
Cambridge DAFT DoublesSimon Hadlow & Tom
Albany Valentine TournamentS Styme & L O'
Hyden DoublesS & B
GC T. Hansen H/C SignlesPaul
GC Anne Bunter HCP DoublesJanet Darch and Peter
GC B Grade PennantsForrest
GC C Grade
GC Vic Park FlexiJoyce Carbone, Chris McWhirter, Maggie
GC Retravision Country All StarsA Grade: L Holmes
B Grade: A Simons
C Grade: I Rollinger
GC Como Grace Hartland ShieldPeter and Kathy

Results 2022-23 Season

Event NameWinnerYearResults
GC State Mixed DoublesJ Carbone & M
GC Alan Marsh Handicap Singles - GeraldtonMen - S Robb
Women - M Van De Wyngaard
GC York Country DoublesBrett & Janine
GC Champion of ChampionsMartin Clarke
City :Martin Clarke
Country: E .Ayling
GC Forrest Park Club ChampionshipTorben
Geraldton Open DoublesJoyce Carbone & Martin
GC Statewide TeamsBJ & the Polar Bear
Brett McHrdy
Janine McHardy
Torben Bak
State GC C Grade DoublesInga Rollinger & David
GC Cambridge Club ChampionshipsFrank
GC Geraldton Level Play KnockoutMens: Paul Dodson
Ladies: Wendy McDonald
GC Como Club ChampionshipsAlan
GC Brian Hadley StarPaul
GC Gosnells Singles ChampionshipsMartin
ACA WA GC Bronze MedalGary
GC Selectors 6Paul
GC Gosnells Handicap SinglesMonotosh Dey
GC State Handicap SinglesRick
Belmont Club ChampionshipBrett
GC State Open SinglesBrett
GC Country Weekend SinglesA: B James
B: H O'Neill
C: F Quicke
D: R Davies
George ParslowCheryl Saul & Frank
East Fremantle GC Men's SinglesBill
Como C Grade Championship SinglesDavid
GC State Open Men's SinglesChris
GC State Open Women's SinglesRobyn
East Fremantle GC Women's Singles ChampionshipKerry
Narrogin - Guns and RosesGun: Marcus McGavok
Rose: Karen Hall
GC State Open DoublesRobyn Dart & Gary
Gc Over 65'sPeter Hamilton2022-23
GC Country Open SinglesDiv 1 B. McHardy
Div 2 M McGavock
Div 3 B Stewart
GC Albany Gomm Park Handicap DoublesSue Bird and John
GC State C Grade SinglesColin
GC State B Grade SinglesSteve
GC Anne Bunter Hcp DoublesBob Imray & Doug
GC Busselton Handicap DoublesJ Carbone & Linda Pearce
GC Vic Park Flexi DoublesJoyce Carbone & Martin
GC Country All StarsA Grade: Bob James
B Grade: David McFall
C Grade: Alistar Potts
GC Geraldton Winter
GC Como B Grade SinglesWayne
GC Geraldton C & D Grade SinglesC Grade: Bob Imray
D Grade: Reg Stribley
GC Geraldton A & B Grade SinglesA Grade: Paul Dodson
B Grade: Sharky Ryan
GC Busselton Singles ChampionshipKim
GC Geraldton Club ChampionshipPaul
GC East Fremantle Open SinglesKerry
GC Gosnells 12 Advantage Hcp DoublesIan Tarling & Colleen
GC Gosnells Handicap DoublesJane Flacks & John
GC Ladies Silver TeapotCheryl
GC Ladies InvitationalJoyce
GC Hansen Hcp Singles GeraldtonBob
GC Cambridge CupFrank
GC Cambridge GiftSusan Anderson & Maureen
GC Cambridge Daft DoublesW Price & J
GC One Day A Grade SinglesJohn
GC One Day B Grade SinglesPeter
GC One Day C Grade SinglesRobert
GC Geraldton Doubles LP 12+Paul Christmass & Cheryl
GC Summer NightsReigning
East Fremantle Picnic PlatePaula
Albany ValentinesSue & John Bird2022-23
GC Dianne Cook CupGlynnis
GC Nedlands Club ChampionshipMartin
GC Gosnells Le ComteMaura
GC Autumn NightsBaby Bak
GC Narrogin Ladies SinglesRamah
GC Narrogin Men's SinglesJimmy
GC Gosnells Janet Arbery DoublesJean Zelos Beckett & Gwen
GC Como Grace Hartland ShieldHarry Goff & Diana
GC One Day Open SinglesMartin