AC Representative Teams

The State Association Croquet Team for 2022

The Croquetwest Management Committee has considered the ongoing Covid crisis in New South Wales and determined that it does not believe it is either reasonable or practicable for Western Australia to send an Association Croquet Team to participate in the 2022 Eire Cup.

The CW Committee did not make this decision lightly, and is saddened that it had to be made.  

The CW Committee acknowledges the disappointment that the Association Croquet Team must feel.  The players in the Team are:

Men: Eric Ayling, Ian Dumergue, Jeff Newcombe, Alan Sands (Captain), with non-travelling reserve Tim Barkes.

Women: Jennifer Brand, Dorothy Bull, Megan Fardon (Vice-captain).

2022 State Team at Nedlands

For a list of previous AC State Teams from 1953, click here.

Australian Team Representation

2018J.Hawker – Trans Tasman Open reserve
2018F.Brockway – Trans Tasman Open reserve
2017I.Dumergue – Mac Robertson Shield captain
2014I.Dumergue – Mac Robertson Shield captain
2013I.Dumergue – Trans Tasman Open reserve
2013J.Hawker – Trans Tasman Open reserve
2011I.Dumergue – Trans Tasman Open
2010M.Clarke – Mac Robertson Shield
2010I.Dumergue – Mac Robertson Shield
2006H.Thurston – Trans Tasman Open
2006M.Clarke – Mac Robertson Shield captain
2006I.Dumergue – Mac Robertson Shield
2004H.Thurston – Trans Tasman Open
2003M.Clarke – Mac Robertson Shield
2003H.Thurston – Mac Robertson Shield reserve
2001H.Thurston – Trans Tasman Open
2000M.Clarke – Mac Robertson Shield
2000H.Thurston – Mac Robertson Shield
1999M.Clarke – Trans Tasman Open
1999J.Newcombe – Trans Tasman Open
1999H.Thurston – Trans Tasman Open
1999M.Garrod – Trans Tasman Open reserve
1997H.Thurston – Trans Taman Ladies captain
1996J.Newcombe – Mac Robertson Shield
1994R.Carter – Trans Tasman Open
1994H.Thurston – Trans Taman Ladies
1992H.Thurston – Trans Taman Ladies
1991A.Faulkner – Trans Tasman Open
1990O.Lindon – Trans Tasman Ladies
1974G.Maslen – Mac Robertson Shield reserve
1969S.McDonald – Mac Robertson Shield
Mac Robertson Shield Representatives
Jeff Newcombe 1996 Mac Robertson Shield
Ian and Marty 2010

Participation in World Championships

2020I.Dumergue – Round of 32
2020B.Ladyman – Block
2020J.Newcombe – Round of 32
2020A.Sands – Block
2018J.Newcombe – Round of 32
2018J.Hawker – Block
2016I.Dumergue – Round of 32
2015J.Hawker – World Womens Quarter-Finals
2013J.Newcombe – Block
2012M.Clarke – Round of 32
2012I.Dumergue – Round of 16
2012A.Sands – Block
2012J.Hawker – World Womens Quarter-Finals
2012M.Reynolds – World Womens Round of 32
2008I.Dumergue – Round of 16
2008J.Newcombe – Block
2005I.Dumergue – Round of 16
2005A.Sands – Block
2002M.Clarke – Round of 16
2001M.Clarke – Quarter-Finals
2001A.Sands –  Round of 16
1997H.Thurston – Round of 16
1995R.Carter – Round of 32
1991A.Faulkner – Block
AC Womans Worlds 2015 – Jannine Hawker