Bunbury Moorabinda

Address: Wimbledon Way, Hay Park, Bunbury, WA 6230
Situated between the Police & Citizens Youth Club and the Badminton hall.
Entry off Parade Road
Street Map
Mail: PO Box 1191, Bunbury, WA 6231
Email: mcc@ozzienet.net
Club House Phone: (08) 97955989
President: David Squire 0409 881 102
Secretary: John Jury 0435020306
Treasurer: Marie Hall 0439540718
Number of Courts: 6 full size, 4 lit
Playing days: Tuesdays 10am and 1pm, Wednesdays 6.15pm, Thursdays 8.30am and Saturdays 1pm
Codes Played: Golf Croquet and Association Croquet