Bassendean Croquet Club

Bassendean Croquet club was founded in 1934, club colours were Dark Green and Light Green.

Bassendean was well located in a park area near the bowling club but not attached to it, alongside some tennis courts and in the shadow of the council offices. They originally shared the clubrooms of the Bassendean Bowling Club.

The first Club President was Mrs Shepherd (five seasons) followed by Mrs Yelland (two seasons), Mrs Watkins (three seasons), and Mrs Cruttenden (two seasons)

The club existed quietly for its first few years before blossoming just as the second world war broke out, this unfortunately stalled development of the club for another 10 years.

Things again stalled when one of the top players and officials was involved in a controversy at association level.

The club became successful in lower grade pennants during the 60’s and was a powerhouse club in the 1990’s.

Mrs Les Cruttenden won the state champion player of the 1936-37 season and won for three years in succession the British Empire Gold Medal.

The watchful gaze of the council however was to impact on the club, it was felt that it was being under utilised and the club was pressured to close in 2007, with an expanded tennis facility taking it over.

The clubrooms remain as the tennis pavillion.

Pennant success;

A grade 1943, 1944, 1954

A2 in 1943

B grade 1940, 1963, 1965, 1967

B2 in 1942

C grade 1962, 1963

Div 1 1992, 1993, 1996

Div 2 1983, 1998

Div 3 1985, 1990, 1996

Div 4 1991, 1997

Div 5 1969

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A nice afternoon/evening for croquet

On my way to setting the hoops on Monday morning I was greeted by a magnificent rainbow. In fact, there was a distinct double on one side. By the time I arrived at the club though, it had dissipated and so I was unable to snap a photo. Then yesterday, Robyn joined Les and I for a hit late in the afternoon and low and behold, nature put on a show again. Not as strong as Monday morning, but the double was there.

After two games, I decided to stop hobbling around and watch two good players in form battle it out.
Walking off after a hard fought game. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
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GC World Championship Final

This excellent video popped up today and is well worth a watch.

My thanks to Dave Painter for allowing us to add this vdeo
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Around the Courts 8th July

Geraldton Annual Open Tournament

Players from all over the State flocked to Geraldton over the weekend for their annual open tournament.

Full results for all events can be found on Croquetscores.

Geraldton Annual Tournament sponsored by Green Sea Survey.
Winners : Block A - John and Dale Jury - Moorabinda
Block B - Rob and Pat Tombleson - Narrogin  
Block C - Robin Beer and Julie Dewer - Dunsborough.

Saturday Singles Winners

Block C - Pat Tombleson - Narrogin
Block B - Ed Parravacini - Forrest Park
Block A - John Jury - Moorabinda

Sunday Singles Winners

Sponsor by MICK McAULIFFE - Green Sea Surveys.
Brian Uren - Dunsorough
Robin Beer- Dunsborough
Martin Clarke - Gosnells 

Forrest Park GC Club Championship

A field of 10 players contested the Forrest Park GC Championships over the weekend. Continuing his strong vein of form, Brett McHardy was able to go through undefeated.

Full results on Croquetscores

14 Point Teams Competition

Starting – September 21st

4 teams participated in this event last year. Cambridge, Gosnells, Como and the Marauders. All going well, we hope to get a Bunbury Team competing this time around. Keep an eye out for more information in the coming week.

Results from 2021

Friday Ricochet

Regular Friday Ricochet sessions have commenced between Como and Sorrento. Teams of six players from each club alternate between the two venues. Photo shown of play at Como on Friday 5 August 2022.

Keep an eye out for a new Ricochet Doubles event to be held at Dunsborough on March 25-26th next year.

GC World Championships Day 9

A new champion was crowned yesterday in Matthew Essick from the USA. He played phenomenally well all week making everything look so easy as evidenced by his winning jump shot.

Hats off to the Sussex Country Croquet Club for running the event again and a big vote of thanks to Alison Maughan, Eugene Chang and all the team for their efforts in streaming the event live.

Day 9 Final – Session 1

Day 9 Final – Session 2

The winning jump shot
A very happy winner – 2022 GC World Champion Matthew Essick
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GC World Championships Day 8

Well, if I bet on sports I’d be broke. My selections in both semi finals lost. Matthew’s play against Robert was simply first class, especially late in the last two games and after 9 hours and 15 minutes, Robert Fulford was the last man standing.

Day 8 Session 1 Robert Fletcher vs Matthew Essick

Day 8 Session 2 Reg Bamford vs Robert Fulford

Day 8 Session 3 Reg Bamford vs Robert Fulford

It should make for an interesting final with two different playing styles going head to head. For one it will end in disappointment but in reality, both are winners.

Morten has posted some more great images on the NSW Facebook page. I quite liked this one.

Time for Gala dinner and the two losing semi finalists, true gentlemen of the game, share some words.

Victoria Park GC Club Championships

I missed this one during the week.

  • Winner: Torben Bak
  • Runner Up: John Doepel

Full results on Croquetscores

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GC World Championships Day 7

Day 7 Session 1 Ahmed Nasr vs Robert Fulford

Day 2 Session 2 Ahmed Nasr vs Robert Fulford

Day 7 saw some fantastic performances, especially from Robert Fletcher and Matthew Essick who defeated the two inform players in Mohamed Nasr and Mohamed Kareem in straight games. Reg Bamford continued his imperious form defeating Richard Bilton in three and was later seen on the practice green going through his routines. The final match went to the 5th game with Richard Fulford coming out on top 7-4, 7-5, 4-7, 3-7, 7-4

Day 8 -Semi Finals

Matthew Essick vs Robert Fletcher

Reg Bamford vs Robert Fulford

Lester Hughes, Alison Sharpe and Robert Fletcher

There are some excellent images and short videos on the NSW Facebook page courtesy of Morten and Ray Hall.

Saturday 6th August

There is some high quality croquet to be played throughout WA today.

Geraldton is hosting their annual Open Tournament. Results from yesterdays Doubles can be found here. Today and tomorrow is singles day.

Forrest Park is holding their GC Club Championships and an extremely strong field has entered. You can keep up to date with the state of play on Croquetscores.

East Fremantle Inter Club Competition

Sunday 28th July: Kerry Loane the winner of the inter club competition with David Fardon runner up. Presentation of the trophy by Marion Hood President.

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GC World Championships Day 6

First day of the knockout round and the stars came out to play.

Reg Bamford was in supreme form defeating the reigning champion Ben Rothman 7-3, 7-2 and then Omar Fahmy 7-0,7-2

Mohamed Karem defeated Tobi Savage 7-5, 7-1 and then Dominic Nunnes 7-4, 7-1. Mo was amazing with his long clearances and hooping, especially in game 2 against Tobi.

Matthew Essick defeated Simon Carter 7-2,7-2 and Manual Alvarez Sala 7-6,7-2

Ahmed Nasr defeated Brian Lozano 7-2,7-5 and Yasser Sayed 7-4, 7-5

Robert Fulford defeated Tim Joliff 7-2,7-6 and Mostafa Nezar 4-7, 7-5, 7-5

Richard Bilton defeated Joi Elebo 7-6, 7-6 and Amr Alebiary 6-7, 7-3, 7-5

Mohamed Nasr defeated 6-7, 7-4, 7-3 and Stuart Smith 6-7, 7-4, 7-1

Robert Fletcher defeated Blake Fields 1-7, 7-2, 7-5 and John-Paul Moberly 3-7, 7-4, 7-3

You can find a lot more from Morten on the Croquet NSW Facebook page
All the confidence in the world. Straight through the hoop and down to the boundary.
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ACA Winter Magazine 2022

Click on the image to access the magazine
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World GC Championships Day 5

Day 5 Session 1 Sherif Abdelwahab vs Jack Good

Day 5 Session 2 Pierre Beaudry vs William Gee

Day 5 Session 3 Dominic Nunns vs Ashton Wade

The final day of block play so there was pressure aplenty to ensure one made the knockout stage.

My highlight was Session 1 and the the commentary by Chris Clarke, Reg Bamford and Nelson Marrow. Lots of good advice. An example from Reg:

“There are things I might do at the start of a match. I’ll walk onto the lawn …. say a few trigger words, I’ll take a couple of deep breaths, I’ll engage in the five senses. I’ll just get myself grounded and engaged with the game.”

It was a good result for Robert Fletcher who managed to win his playoff game, thus reaching knockout stage. His first round game is against the young American Blake Fields.

The match of the round must surely be between a former winner and the reigning champ -Reg Bamford vs Ben Rothman. With any luck, this match will be screened tonight.

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World GC Championships Day 4

Day 4 Session 1 Yasser Sayed vs Robert Fulford

Day 4 Session 2 Euan Burridge vs Jose Alvarez-Sala

Day 4 Session 3 Tobi Savage vs Hesham Elzoghby

A perspective of the tournament from Morten Weaver.

Some rare referee activity, showing off their highly prized flouro green caps. The referees are called much less often than in Australia, except to continually tap in hoops before shots due to the incredible bashing they get at this level. There is also no need to call offsides, the striker always just asks where to go. Oh and no handicap cards. These players are all -3,-4,-5 and are only interested in their World Ranking on Croquet scores.( btw I’m 1458!)The English also have the cute habit of offering the loser a drink, an interesting ritual considering there is an on-site bar and you might be finishing at 10.30am. I’m also loving the relaxed 9.30 start time even if it means still playing well into the evening most days. The competition is brutal but the camaraderie is fantastic.

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