In Focus – Megan Fardon

State Representation

AC Eire Cup – 2017,2018,2019,2020,2022

State Titles

  • 2019 AC State Open Doubles ( Ian Dumergue)
  • 2018 State AC Div3 Singles
  • 2017 State AC Div3 Doubles ( C Broun)

Apart from playing croquet as often as she can, Megan has also given up her time to help administer the game at all levels – club, state and national.

  • President of East Fremantle Croquet Club 2014-2017 (currently Vice-President),
  • President of Croquetwest – 6 years
  • WA Representative and Chair of the Australian Croquet Association 2015-2021
Presenting award to Alan Sands as part of her ACA duties

My Management Experiences

I came onto the Management Committee of Croquetwest filling a casual vacancy as Vice President during 2015.

I was elected onto the Management Committee of Croquetwest in September, 2015 in the role as President. I completed three consecutive terms and finished in September, 2020.

Croquetwest is a well structured organisation and with the help of fellow
management committee members I was able to lead the association. There were many opportunities to represent the sport through attending sessions at the WA Department of Sport, Local Government and Cultural Industries. This State Government title changed through my time as President. This meant meeting new State Ministers with department amalgamations and new Ministers with changes of Government. I was offered places on courses to develop Women in Leadership roles and mentoring programs. I attended focus groups for the State and National Sporting Organisations.

It was wonderful to be exposed to all these gatherings of people and tell them about the sport of Croquet. A highlight was attending a breakfast session to promote grants available for Women in Sport and one of the two examples presented on the power point presentation was a Coaching Weekend for Women in Croquet arranged by Martin Clarke with the help of a grant from the department.

The ACA Board was formed in March, 2015 and I was the Initial Delegate for WA. Board members are not State representatives. I completed my Board involvement after serving three consecutive terms and rising to the position of chair of the board. My last ACA AGM was via a Zoom meeting in March, 2021. This was a great opportunity to broaden my own personal abilities and meet some wonderful croquet players along the way. Also to watch some excellent croquet matches as The Australian Croquet Association hosted World titles and National Competitions. I was even brave enough to enter the AC President’s Eights while I was Chair of the Board. I was told that my predecessor Robyn Wallace had done the same by entering the GC President’s Eights.

Over my time on the Board I had the company of working with sixteen other croquet playing board members and thank them for all their valuable knowledge and guidance. My tenure saw a change in the meeting process due to the effects of the COVID virus and new technologies steer the meeting process. Nothing beats a face to face meeting where you can chair more effectively.

I am always honoured to be selected into the AC State Team. I am proud to represent my club East Fremantle.

Croquet has given me great pleasure in achieving sporting accolades. In giving back to croquet by volunteering my time and efforts I have grown in many personal aspects.

I highly recommend standing on committees and giving back to this wonderful
sport. You never know what you can bring to the meeting!


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Around the Courts 17th May

Well it has been a busy week and there is plenty to catch up on.

George Parslow Cup

Played at Cambridge over the weekend, 8 pairs battled it out in a handicap doubles format.

Winners: Roger Jakeway (Cambridge) & Greg Jessop (Katanning) 

Runners Up: Cheryl Saul & Jenny Willmott (Sorrento) 

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

Di Cook Cup

Cambridge also recently held the Di Cook Cup. Be sure to check out Cambridge’s Facebook page for more information.

  • Winner: Ian Tarling
  • Runner Up: David Williams

Como – B Grade GC Singles

The club B Grade GC singles were held on Sunday 8th May.

Pictured are competitors James Brown, David Rechter, Jenifer Rechter, Graeme Broadbent, Max Petrich and Harry Goff.

Como B Grade GC Singles
  • Winner: Graeme Broadbent
  • Runner up Max Petrich

Nedlands – Guess Who?

During the week, Nedlands posted a challenge on their facebook page. Rosie Landrebe was the first to respond and duly won the prize. Thanks to Janine and Brett Mchardy who facilitated the delivery of the champagne to Rosie at Cairnlea.

As an aside, it was my first time seeing Rosie play and wow, what a great technique. It was such a pleasure playing against her and Peter in the doubles (and yes, they beat us).

East Fremantle GC Women’s Singles Club Championships

8 ladies contested the event on the weekend with Kerry and Megan making in the final.

  • Winner: Kerry Loane
  • Runner Up: Megan Fardon

Full results on Croquetscores.

AC State Handicap Singles

The 2022 State AC Handicap Singles was held at Halls Head on the 9-10th May. A field of 10 players contested the event with the top two from each block playing off in a final.

  • Winner: Brian Scott
  • Runner Up: Tim Barkes

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

ACA Open and Doubles

It was a great week away in Melbourne. The weather was kind, the competition was tough but the highlight was the company one met throughout the competition. It was such fun and I would encourage anyone interested in having a good time, to put either event on their ‘Must Do’ list for 2023. It was also a great surprise to have Michael and Craig come out to Cairnlea to give us all a bit of encouragement.

The WA Contingent – Brett, Joyce, Jennifer, Janine, Robin & Gary

Doubles Results

  • Winners: Peter Freer and Mark Scruton
  • Runners Up: Brian Row and Owen Dickenson (3rd year in a row)
  • Full results on Croquetscores
Peter, Mark, Brian and Owen

Singles Results

  • Winner: Gary Phipps
  • Runner Up: Jamie Gumbrell

Full results on Croquetscores.

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Around the Courts 10th May

Australian Golf Croquet Open Singles

Starts Friday at 10:00 AM2022

Australian Golf Croquet Open Singles My Sport Live and My Event Live

Cairnlea VIC 3023, Australia

Catch all the LIVE action from the final three days of the 2022 Australian Golf Croquet Open Singles held at Cairnlea in Victoria.

Geraldton GC A & B Grade Level Singles

Paul Christmass – A Grade winner and Glenys Ryan – B Grade winner.

Full results on Croquetscores

Croquetwest AC State Handicap Singles

A field of 12 are currently competing in this event at Halls Head. Today is the last day and you can follow all the latest results on Croquetscores. Good luck to all those playing.

This is my first time using the iPad to make changes to the site so please excuse my brevity.

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Greetings from Cairnlea

A beautiful day in Melbourne today. Some great games played with the highlight being a tight contest between Rosie and Peter Landrebe vs Kevin Beard and Julie Beasley . Lots of great tactics, good clearances and clutch shots.

A crisp morning greeted us
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Golf Croquet Problem Corner #4

The balls are represented in the diagrams by the following letters:

B = Blue, R = Red, K = Black, Y = Yellow.

The circles drawn around the hoops have radius 1 yard, 2 yard, etc., and the playing side is at the bottom of the page

Scenario 4

Playing hoop 5 with the score at 2-all black tried to clear yellow but missed, and black finished near the third corner. Yellow went for the hoop but missed and has finished beside the hoop, slightly on the playing side. What should blue do?

The Experts: Scenario 4 Suggestions

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In Search Of …….

In the footsteps of movies such as ‘The Search for Spock” and the fascinating documentary, “Searching for Sugar Man“, our personal quest continues – “In Search of State Team Photos!

Thanks to Kay, some more have been unearthed.

2007 – Marty, Helene, Helen, Wendy, Sandra, Barbara, Carl, Colin, Janine, Chris, Ian & Alan

Still searching for:

AC – 2001,2002,2003,2005,2006,2010,2011,2012,2014,2015

GC – 2009,2012,2013,2015

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Around the Courts 1st May

The South Mandurah Autumn Challenge was held this week. It was a close competition with Port Bouvard being successful.

South Mandurah Autumn Challenge

Marjorie Parry Star

6 players were lucky enough to be invited to contest the running of the Marjorie Parry Star at Gosnells this weekend. Prior to the start, Martin Clarke ( 1994 Winner) shared a brief history of the event which was first won by D Rigby in 1969. It was a nice way to start.

Our thanks go to Maggie Cussell for managing the tournament, Martin Clarke and Trevor Ashby for refereeing, Tim and his ground crew for setting up the courts, and all the members who helped in the kitchen and with catering.

  • Winner: Gary Phipps
  • Runner Up: Rob Bowling

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

Tournament Manager – Maggie Cussell

Maggie was just not a TM extraordinaire, as evidenced by the thorough run down we received about the new line marker the club had recently acquired.

There was nothing about this machine Maggie did not know!
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Tips to Improve Your Game – Knowing what you want to achieve

Received some good advice the other day from Greg Bury in regards to AC.

Every time you walk on the lawn you only need to think of four things:

Am I –

  • Building a break
  • Maintaining a break
  • Repairing a break
  • Setting a leave 


You are playing a lift shot

You are building a break/ not hitting a lift

Get in the habit of being more definite about what you want to achieve with every shot, not the overall result

I was reading an article from the Croquet World Magazine titled, “Does your brain control your mallet?” where the author notes,

‘In his superb book, Maurice Reckitt advised players to do their thinking while walking between shots, but never to think while playing the shot, instead fixing their concentration on the “blade of grass” where the struck ball is to land.”

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Geraldton Playing Times

If you are thinking of visiting Geraldton in the near future, why not join in for a game of croquet!

Kay expertly took this photo while perched on a slightly sloped ladder 😉
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Australian Masters Games – Croquet!

Nedlands has been one of many locations throughout Perth that have hosted events for the Masters Games this week.

Presenter Terry Brown (Vice President of Croquetwest), Megan Fardon (Master of Ceremonies) with assistance from Belinda Masson,

Results of Women’s Singles:

  • Gold – Robyn Dart
  • Silver – Judith Nicholls
  • Bronze – Joyce Carbone

Results of Mens Singles:

  • Gold- David Williams
  • Silver – David McFall
  • Bronze – Ian Tarling

Results of Doubles

  • Gold- Robyn Dart and Dianne Bower
  • Silver – Joyce Carbone and Judith Nicholls
  • Bronze – David Williams and Ian Tarling
Doubles winners

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

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