AC 14 Point Pennants

Wednesday 30th November saw the conclusion of the the AC 14 Pennant season. All teams gathered at Nedlands, and in warmish conditions, enjoyed a great day on the courts.

Congratulations to Alan Sands, Dianne Bower, John Doepel and David Hedges who all managed to win their three games in the last round.

For the fifth year in a row, Gosnells were crowned champions. In an equally impressive performance, Tim Barkes was awarded player of the season for the third consecutive year.

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

Gosnells – John, Bernie, David and Tim

During the season, a total of 24 players participated. Our hope is that we can build upon this next year.

Pennants provide the perfect opportunity to hone ones AC skills and to be part of a team.

Tim – Player of the Season
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MacRobertson Shield

Yesterday saw the completion of the 2022 MacRobertson Shield with England coming out on top after winning all three of their test matches. A fantastic effort.

The Winners – England

Full results can be found on Croquetscores and all videos are still available for you to watch at your leisure.

There were many fantastic individual performances throughout the event but the standout must surely be the effort of Jamie Burch who went through the entire MacRob undefeated. I’m not sure how many times this has happened before, but it is a truly remarkable achievement.

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Around the Courts 28th November

There was plenty happening around the courts this week. The MacRobertson Shield has reached its conclusion, the annual Busselton Spring Handicap Doubles was held and with local competitions at Halls Head and Cambridge, there was plenty to keep us actively engaged.

Halls Head Parry Shield

WINNERS! Left to right:

  • Judy -Parry Shield,
  • Steve – Parry Cup
  • Lyn -President of Club
  • Sheila – Parry Star

Awards named for our founder member Marjorie Parry

The Parry Winners
Finalists in the Parry Shield: L to R: Linda, Judy (winner), Silvia (runner up) and Bette. Well done all.

Cambridge – Ray Morrison Tournament

The Roy Morrison Tournament was held at Cambridge this week for their Alumni members.

Winners: Eleanor and Brian (Undefeated in three games)

Cambridge Website

If you need to find out anything about the Cambridge Croquet Club, be sure to check out their fantastic Webpage!

They also keep you up to date on their Facebook page with everything that is happening around the club. Be sure to visit regularly.

South West Spring Handicap Doubles

A terrific turnout at Busselton over the weekend with 20 pairs competing in the annual Spring Handicap Doubles.

The pairing of Trevor Hulcup and Ron Vincent (Busselton) played off for third against Anne Benz & Helmut Benz (Moorabinda) whilst the final was played between Linda Pearce and Joyce Carbone (Busselton /Gosnells) and Max Kewish & Kim Reynolds (Busselton).

  • Winners: Linda Pearce and Joyce Carbone
  • Runners Up: Max Kewish and Kim Reynolds
  • Third: Trevor Hulcup and Ron Vincent
  • Fourth: Anne and Helmut Nenz
Jan and Terry Craddock enjoyed a terrific weekend in the Busselton/Dunsborough region

Mandurah Croquet Club

The Mandurah Croquet & Recreation Club now has a directional sign at the corner of Allnutt and Thomson Street, Mandurah as well as some free standing banners thanks to the City of Mandurah who approved and processed two SmartyGrants.

The banners will not only be used at our venue but also in public forums with the aim of promoting and recruiting new members for our Club.

York Croquet Doubles Competition

The York club recently held their Golf Croquet club doubles championships. You can find more images on the club’s Facebook site.

  • Winners: Dan Ryan and Doug Carter
  • Runners Up: Dorothy and Denis Bull

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Coaching is all around us

We are most fortunate in WA with the number of coaching opportunities that are available to us.

All of our clubs take an active role in building our great game. From club run sessions such as those conducted by Sheila and Christine at Halls Head on a Monday, the GC and AC courses run by Jannine on a Thursday morning at Moorabinda and club sessions at Cambridge are just a few of the examples.

Jannine coaching at Moorabinda this morning.

Added to this, Marty has been visiting many of the clubs and running one day sessions, as well as visiting a few clubs in the Eastern States as part of his role as the Australian Croquet Association High Performance Manager.

Yesterday, he was spotted at Forrest Park and there was a great turnout from the members who lined the courts eager to learn more.

There are also a number of GC and AC squad practices that are conducted throughout the year.

Yesterday, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Megan, Tim, Judith, John, Marcus and myself all participated in the last of our AC State Team Development sessions with Alan Sands. These have ben fantastic and we have learnt so much. Our focus yesterday was on setting a leave, thick take offs and revising much of what we had done earlier.

We are indeed lucky in WA!

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Bernie Comes out on top!

Yesterday, Bernie Lynch continued his rise through the AC ranks with victory in the Croquetwest AC Div2 Singles. This follows on from his victory in the Div3 Singles in 2021. Bernie was the only player to go through the block stage undefeated.

The players were treated to some warm weather but once again, they well looked after by the Halls Head Croquet Club. The field was slightly smaller than last year but having 10 players competing is still a good outcome. A big shout out to Halls Head who just didn’t do a great job hosting but were also were represented by both the winner and the runner up, Sheila Twine.

  • Winner: Bernie Lynch – Halls Head
  • Runner Up: Sheila Twine – Halls Head

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

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Around the Courts 21st November

Its nice to come back home to a bit of warm weather. I received a text telling me today that I missed a few nice hail storms this afternoon in Melbourne.

MacRobertson Shield Update

Behind the scenes, there are many volunteers working hard to ensure the players are well fed and presented with the best lawns possible. Even the tournament manager was out there mowing today.

MacRob Day 9 has seen an interesting series of sunshine interspersed with cold flurries of rain & hail. Final day of Second Test tomorrow with 12 singles matches.

Cambridge Croquet Club

Lawn renovation of courts 1 and 3 well underway this morning

Gosnells Croquet Club

Great news for Gosnells Club. After trying for 7 years to get a wash basin for men’s toilet from Gosnells Council, we finally got one today. They have always said No. New management comes in and what a difference. An historic day. The first time the Men have been able to wash their hands after using the loo in 83 years. Teehee. Oh well, that’s progress for you.

Croquetwest AC Division 2 Singles

Today was the start of the AC Div 2 Singles at Halls Head. You can keep up to date with all the results on Croquetscores.

The current standings:

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Sandringham Croquet Club

Our third and final test between Australia B and Victoria was held today at the Sandringham Croquet Club. The club is like a hidden oasis, tucked between the road and the sea amongst the scrubby saltbushes.

The clubhouse was rebuilt after a fire in the early 80’s and the courts are completely lined by trees and shrubs. The greens are immaculate and an absolute pleasure to play on. There is even a small practice area. It certainly is a club everyone should visit.

Full results can be found on Croquetscores.

We really appreciated having many of the local members come down to watch today and at the end of play, Marty conducted a coaching session.

This three day event has been a terrific experience and we would like to thank the members of the Brunswick Mallet Sports Club, Sandringham Croquet Club and Williamstown Croquet Club for allowing us to play at their clubs.

Marty, Torben, Brett and myself would also like to thank our billets in Owen, Janet, Lester and Claire. They have been amazing hosts.

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Brunswick Mallet Sporting Club

Saturday saw us playing the Victorians at the Brunswick Mallet Sporting Club. It is a two court venue surrounded by an array of parklands and sporting facilities.

Throughout the day, the tennis courts were always full and another two hard courts were being laid down. The concrete pad was enormous. The local cricket team was playing and going by the on field noise, every ball looked like getting a wicket. Just to top it off, the whole surrounds allow lead free dog access and they were certainly out and about during the day.

The club has a proud history and Marty recognised the names of many significant players on their honour boards. Local members Robyn and John made us feel at home and ensured both courts were well prepared.

For many clubs, this has been a testing time due the amount of heavy rain they have received over the past few months. Even as we retired back to Owen’ house last night, we were treated to an impressive light display, coupled with strong winds and heavy rain. Conditions at Cairnlea I imagine must have very difficult.

Richard Hingst and Elaine Cloverdale came into the Victorian team for today’s test and it was such a treat to be able to play in such a lovely location.

Richard and Elaine

Full results of the days play can be found on Croquetscores.

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Williamstown Croquet Club

We were treated to amazing weather today for the first of our Australia B vs Victoria Test matches.

Today’s event was held at the Williamstown Croquet Club. It is a two court venue and it’s main building is heritage listed. The courts were amazing and an absolute pleasure to play on.

Results for this event can be found on Croquetscores.

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MacRobertson Shield – Daily Wrap

Chris Clarke has been providing a daily wrap up of the event which is most informative.

If you checked into the livestream today, you would have heard the dulcet tones of Marty. Even Fleur joined him as they covered the game between Robert and Malcolm vs Paddy and Edmond. Paddy’s Triple Peel to win the third game was the highlight of all the play I’ve seen so far.

Tomorrow is singles day and the result between Australia and New Zealand looks like going down to the wire.

England have already won their match against the USA 11 Matches to 4.

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