On 1st August 1937, after playing a series of 5 test matches in England, the Australian
International team journeyed to Ireland to play a series of matches at the Carrickmines Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Dublin, for the Irish Croquet International Eire Cup, which was presented for the occasion. Before the match was played, it was explained to both teams that the ‘Eire Cup’ would become the property of the winning country.

Matches commenced on 2 August and Australia was successful in winning the coveted trophy four games to two. The Cup ws bought to Australia and kept at Victoria’s headquarter until it became the property of the ACC in 1949.

Initially only four players were chosen for the competition but that changed in 1982 , when teams were increased to eight, consisting of four men and four women.

Year PhotoResultTeamGeneral Information
19526thA Donaldson*, R Farrell, M Gilmour, E Thorogood, I ThorpeWA Debuts
19534thI Cruttenden*, A Donaldson, R Farrell, I Pallot, I Thorpe, A.H.J Walters
19554thA Donaldson*, A.M. King, G Leahey, I Pallot, I Thorpe
19565thA Donaldson, R Farrell, A.M. King, G Leahey, I Thorpe*
19575thA.M.King, G.Leahey, A.Metcalf, I.Pallot, I.Thorpe*
19585thE.Button, G.Leahey, E.Minchin#, M.Parry, I.Thorpe*
19595thA.M.King, G.Leahey, E.Maskew, M.Parry, I.Thorpe*G Leahey becomes WA's first Gold Medal winner!
19604thG.Leahey, E.Maskew, I.Pallot, I.Thorpe*
19625thG.Leahey*, E.Maskew, J.Muir, M.ParryState Captains
19634thG.Leahey*, J.Muir, I.Pallot, M.Parry
19644thR.Baker, G.Leahey*, S.McDonald, M.Parry
19652ndR.Baker, B.Buchanan, S.McDonald*, J.Muir, H.Thomson
19664thG.Leahey, S.McDonald*, E.Maskew, I.Miller#, H.Thomson
19676thS.McDonald*, I.Miller#, J.Muir, M.Parry, H.Thomson
19686thW.E.Devenish, S.McDonald, M.Parry*, K.Webber
19693rdS.McDonald, G.Maslen, M.Parry*, H.ThomsonFirst Open Singles Winner for WA
19703rdV.Clarke, S.McDonald, G.Maslen, M.Parry*, H.Thomson
19713rdW.E.Devenish, S.McDonald, G.Maslen, M.Parry*
19724thV.Clarke, S.McDonald, G.Maslen, E.Maskew*One new member
19735thV.Clarke, S.McDonald, G.Maslen*, T.Hunter, K.Webber#
19744thS.McDonald*, E.Malacari, L.Taylor, K.Webber
19752ndV.Clarke, S.McDonald*, G.Maslen, L.Taylor
19765thA.Burrows#, V.Clarke*, F.Fowles, S.McDonald, J.Muir
19774thV.Clarke, F.Fowles, S.McDonald*, L.Taylor
19784thV.Clarke, A.Hunter, S.McDonald*, L.Taylor
19794thF.Fowles, S.McDonald*, G.Maslen, L.Taylor, D.Weaver#
19805thV.Clarke*, R.Harewood, S.McDonald#, G.Maslen, D.Weaver
19815thV.Clarke#*, R.Harewood, A.Hunter, L.Taylor, D.Weaver
19826thL- V.Clarke, D.Gasmier, D.Harewood#, E.Hogben, S.McDonald*
M- A.M.Gasmier, R.Harewood, A.Hunter*, L.Taylor, D.Weaver
19834thL- A.Burrows, V.Clarke*, O.Lindon, O.Metherall
M- R.Harewood, A.Hunter*, L.Taylor, D.Weaver
19845thL- A.Burrows, V.Clarke, D.Harewood, O.Lindon
M- S.Greene, R.Harewood, D.Weaver*, R.Western
19853rdL- A.Burrows#, V.Clarke*, D.Harewood, O.Lindon, J.Skinner
M- W.Barnes, S.Greene#, R.Harewood, D.Weaver, R.Western
19865thL- D.Harewood, P.Hunt, O.Lindon, J.Skinner, A.Western#
M- W.Barnes, R.Harewood, D.Weaver*, R.Western
19874thtL- V.Clarke, P.Hunt, O.Lindon, A.Western
M- A.Hunter, R.Reuter, D.Weaver*, R.Western
19882ndL- A.Burrows, P.Hunt, O.Lindon*, A.Western
M- A.Faulkner, R.Reuter, D.Weaver, R.Western
19891stL- P.Hunt, O.Lindon*, J.Skinner, A.WesternWA claims first EIRE Cup success
M- A.Faulkner, R.Harewood, R.Reuter, R.Western
19903rdL- O.Lindon*, J.Skinner, H.Thurston, A.Western
M- A.Faulkner, R.Reuter, D.Weaver, R.Western
19914thL- A.Burrows*, O.Lindon, J.Skinner, H.Thurston, A.Western
M- T.Crawford, A.Faulkner, R.Harewood, R.Western
19925thL- O.Lindon*, D.McCready, H.Thurston, A.Western
M- P.Connell, T.Crawford, D.Weaver, R.Western
19933rdL- O.Lindon, D.McCready, H.Thurston, A.Western
M- E.Budgen, R.Carter, T.Crawford, D.Weaver*, R.Western
19945thL- D.Crawford, O.Lindon, D.McCready, H.Thurston
M- E.Budgen, R.Carter, T.Crawford*, J.Newcombe
19955thL- O.Lindon, D.McCready, M.Mason, J.Speers#, H.Thurston
M- E.Budgen, R.Carter*, M.Clarke#, J.Newcombe, R.Western
19965thL- O.Lindon, D.McCready, M.Mason, J.Speers#, H.Thurston
M- M.Clarke, J.Newcombe*, P.Ross, A.Sands#, T.Speers
19972ndL- M.Garrod, P.Hunt, D.McCready, J.Speers, H.ThurstonSands and Clarke claim Doubles!
M- M.Clarke, T.Hamersley, J.Newcombe*, P.Ross, A.Sands
19883rdL- J.Faulkner, M.Garrod, J.Speers, H.Thurston*, I.Wardell-Johnson
M- M.Clarke, T.Hamersley, J.Newcombe*, P.Ross, A.Sands
19992ndL- J.Faulkner, M.Garrod, J.Speers, H.Thurston, I.Wardell-Johnson
M- D.Anderson, M.Clarke, J.Newcombe*, P.Ross, A.Sands
20002ndL- J.Faulkner, J.Speers, H.Thurston, I.Wardell-Johnson, S.WhartonWA Flavour at the Nationals
M- D.Anderson, M.Clarke*, J.Newcombe, P.Ross, A.Sands
20013rdL- G.Anderson, M.Garrod, O.Lindon, I.Wardell-Johnson, S.Wharton
M- D.Anderson, M.Clarke*, C.Robertson, P.Ross, A.Sands
20024thL- G.Anderson, J.Faulkner, M.Garrod, I.Wardell-Johnson, S.WhartonWA players meet with success
M- D.Anderson, M.Clarke*, I.Dumergue, C.Robertson, A.Sands
20033rdL- G.Anderson, J.Faulkner, H.Thurston, I.Wardell-Johnson, S.Wharton
M- M.Clarke, I.Dumergue, R.Marshall, J.Newcombe, A.Sands*
20041stL- G.Anderson, J.Faulkner, H.Thurston, I.Wardell-Johnson
M- M.Clarke*, I.Dumergue, J.Newcombe, A.Sands
20055thL- G.Anderson, M.Barber, D.Cook, H.Eagle, H.Thurston
M- M.Clarke*, I.Dumergue, C.McWhirter, A.Sands, D.Ward
20065thL- M.Barber, D.Cook, H.Eagle, W.Prendiville, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, C.Chynoweth*, M.Clarke, I.Dumergue, C.McWhirter, A.Sands
20074thL- H.Collins, J.Hawker, W.Prendiville, S.Stevenson, H.Thurston
M- C.Chynoweth*, M.Clarke, I.Dumergue, C.McWhirter, C.Perrin, A.Sands
20085thL- K.Chynoweth, H.Collins, H.Eagle, J.Hawker, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, C.Chynoweth*, C.McWhirter, C.Perrin, A.Sands
20095thL- H.Collins, J.Hawker, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, C.McWhirter, J.Newcombe*, C.Perrin, A.Sands
20105thL- H.Collins, J.Hawker, J.McNaught, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, M.Clarke*, C.McWhirter, J.Newcombe, A.Sands
20115thL- H.Collins, J.Hawker, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- J.Capobianco, R.Marshall, J.Newcombe*, A.Sands
20123rdL- H.Collins, M.Garrod, J.Hawker, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling#, M.Clarke, I.Dumergue, J.Newcombe, A.Sands*
20132ndL- F.Brockway, H.Collins, J.Hawker, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, I.Dumergue, J.Newcombe, A.Sands*
20144thL- H.Collins, J.Hawker, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, R.Marshall, A.Sands*, M.Woolf
20154thL- F.Brockway, K.Chynoweth, J.Hawker, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, B.Ladyman, R.Marshall, A.Sands*.
20163rdL- F.Brockway, C.Broun, M.Reynolds, S.Stevenson
M- E.Ayling, J.Newcombe, P.Ross, A.Sands*
20176thL- C.Broun, H.Collins, M.Fardon, J.Hawker
M- E.Ayling, J.Newcombe, P.Ross, A.Sands*
20184thL- S.Boon, F.Brockway, H.Eagle, M.Fardon, J.Hawker
M- J.Newcombe, P.Ross, A.Sands*, D.Ward
20193rdL- S.Boon, H.Eagle, M.Fardon, M.ReynoldsMegan and Ian excel in EIRE Cup Doubles.
M- E.Ayling, I.Dumergue, J.Newcombe, P.Ross, A.Sands*
20206thL- S.Boon, M.Fardon, M.Reynolds, K.Swan, S.Twine
M- E.Ayling, I.Dumergue, J.Newcombe, A.Sands*
2022L- M Fardon, D Bull, J Brand
M - E Ayling, I Dumergue, J Newcombe, A Sands*
20236thL-M Fardon, D Bull, J Brand, J Nicholls, E Petrich
M - E Ayling, A Sands*, T Barkes, G Phipps
2024L-M Fardon, M Reynolds, J Nicholls, J Brand
M- E Ayling, A Sands*, T Barkes, J Newcombe