GC Handicaps

Click here for the latest GC handicap ranking list (04 May 2021).

These updated results include:

The new details are:

  • 20 Mar 21      Moorabinda Handicap Singles – 2021
  • 21 Mar 21       Nedlands Level Play Doubles – 2021
  • 27 Mar 21       Geographe Challenge – 2021
  • 28 Mar 21       Moorabinda Club Championships – 2021
  • 10 Apr 21        Cambridge Gift – 2021
  • 18 Apr 21        Croquetwest State Open Doubles – 2021
  • 22 Apr 21        Dunsborough Club Singles Championships – 2021
  • 25 Apr 21        Croquetwest Statewide Teams – 2021

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Click here for the latest list of GC Players (04 May 2021). This list includes the ACA Id, which is the number you need for the front of your handicap card.

Handicapping Information

The GC Handicaps system changed a while ago, click here for the details of the changes.

Click here for the details of the conversion from the old values to the new.

The final set of lists under the old handicapping system (02/04/2017) are:

Details of the handicap calculations for singles tournaments held in 2012 and 2013 can be found here.

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