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Croquet has several different types of games:

Association Croquet

Association Croquet is the full international version of the sport, which is played by the majority of tournament croquet players.

The game is played by two players (or sides) each with two balls.  The objective is to score 12 hoop-points and a peg-point with each ball before the other side does the same.  Through careful play, players can keep the tactical advantage, hence improving their chances of winning by making life difficult for the opponent.  More importantly, a player can earn additional strokes, so allowing breaks to be played and scoring many hoop points in a single turn.

A top-class player can win a game in only two turns.

How to play:  The synopsis of the game gives an outline, the Basic Laws of Association Croquet are all you need to get started in a club, or the full picture for tournament play is in The Laws of Association Croquet.

Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet is a game with a long history but in which has there has been a recent resurgence of interest at all levels.  Compared with Association Croquet it has simpler rules and is more interactive (each turn is just a single stroke), but it requires a similar level of accuracy and tactical awareness.

The players follow a course contesting each hoop in turn; as soon as one hoop is scored all players move on to contest the next – a simple idea that leads to rich tactical thinking.

How to Play:  The synopsis gives an overview of the game,  the Basic Laws of Golf Croquet are all you need to get started in a club, and for full tournament play, The Laws of Golf Croquet are definitive.

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Further information on Golf Croquet can be found at the World Croquet Federation website. Click here to go directly to the Golf Croquet information.

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Other forms of Croquet

There are variations on these forms of games such as garden croquet, ricochet, gateball, extreme croquet and kick croquet (toequet).

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