Referees are an important part of the game of croquet and there are never enough of them to go around.  So please consider taking the course and getting accredited.  Knowledge of the rules will help the quality of your game and having more referees available helps spread the load.

Click here for a list of the current CroquetWest Referees for Golf Croquet (updated 2 October 2023)

Refereeing Subcommittee

The GC Director of Refereeing is John Doepel and the AC Director of Refereeing is currently vacant. The Directors deal with all matters pertaining to laws & rules, training and accrediting referees, liaison with ACA, and the supply of laws books & hoop gauges.

The other Refereeing sub-committee members are Michael Trefusis-Paynter and Michael Murphy.

Links to the Rules for Golf Croquet

Note: A New set of of Golf Croquet Rules are in place Australia-wide from July 1st 2022. Most GC referees are now accredited under the new rules.

WCF Golf Croquet Rules 6th Edition (2022)

WCF Golf Croquet Rules 6th Edition – Introductory Statement

SCF Golf Croquet Rules 6th Edition comparison with 5th Edition

Explanation of Changes found on our website

Note: A new set of Golf Croquet Rules will be in place Australia-wide from January 1st Jan 2019.

WCF Golf Croquet Rules 5th Edition

Principal Changes for 5th Edition

Rationale for 5th Edition Changes (updated)

Official Rulings for 5th Edition Changes

Link to the Rules for Association Croquet

Association Croquet Rules

Links to Refereeing Material

For the 2015 version of GC Referee’s Manual (April 2015), click here.

For the ACA Refereeing Regulations (October 2015) for both codes, click here.

For information on the World Croquet Federation website regarding Golf Croquet, click here.

For a series of documents with Questions and Answers on Golf Croquet rules, click here.