Accredited Coaches

Click here for a list of current accredited coaches (as at 23rd June 2023).

Coaching Policy and Procedures

Our aim is to deliver quality coaching in both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet across Western Australia.  To do this, we are implementing a programme which will:

1.  Provide at least one accredited GC and one accredited AC coach at each club.  To do this accreditation and reaccreditation courses will be run at regular intervals throughout the year.

2.  Develop a standardised curriculum (based on the Level 1 Coaching Manual for AC and the GC equivalent) for all new players covering Basics, GC and AC to be provided by club coaches.  Charges for these coaching sessions are at the discretion of clubs.

3.  Deliver coaching clinics for more advanced players to be held at clubs on a menu of GC and AC topics and to be provided by a core group of experienced GC and AC coaches.  These coaching clinics will be provided for a fee of $50 for a half-day session.

4.  Provide top level coaching in GC and AC by state and development squad coaches.

If you would like to know more about becoming a coach or would like a coach to visit your club please contact the State Coaching Coordinator, Helen Quicke.

Click here for a document that outlines the Policy & Procedures for Croquetwest coaching clinics.

Click here for details of the new Coaching Prerequisites and application form for Coaching Training (Nov 2020).