Croquetwest Awards

Combined Award Presentations 2019-20 and 2020-21


State Champion                                                A.C.A. Gold Medal

2020       J Newcombe                                      2020       J Newcombe

2021       I Dumergue                                        2021       J Newcombe


State Open Singles                                          GC Bronze Medal

2020       C McWhirter                                      2020       T Bak

2021       G Phipps                                              2021       G Phipps

State Teams

AC 2019 – 2020 Played

S.Boon, M.Fardon, M.Reynolds, K.Swan, S.Twine, E.Ayling, I.Dumergue, J.Newcombe, A.Sands

GC 2020-21 Selected but not played

J.Brand, J.Carbone, M.Cussell, R.Dart, J.McHardy, T.Bak, B.McHardy, C.McWhirter, G.Phipps, A.Sands

EventYear 19-20Year 20-21
State 14 PointJ.NewcombeJ.Newcombe
ACA Bronze MedalJ.NewcombeJ.Newcombe
State Handicap SinglesH.EagleT.Barkes
State Div 2 SinglesD.SquireT.Barkes
State Mens SinglesA.SandsJ.Newcombe
State Ladies SinglesM.ReynoldsD.Jury
State Mixed DoublesJ.NewcombeM.Clarke
State Open SinglesJ.NewcombeI.Dumergue
State Open DoublesM.ClarkeJ.Newcombe
Mt Lawley TrophyNot PlayedNot Played
Marjorie Parry StarT.BarkesJohn Doepel
City v Country Not PlayedCity
Ida Thorpe TrophyNot PlayedJ.Newcombe
Northam TrophyT.BarkesG.Phipps
Thorogood TrophyE.AylingE.Ayling
McBride CupM.ClarkeJ.Newcombe
Champion of ChampionsM.ClarkeJ.Newcombe
Div 2 DoublesT.BarkesC.Broun
Div 3 SinglesNot PlayedB.Lynch
Metro Teams 14 PointGosnellsGosnells
Div 3 DoublesI.CollinsNot Played
Div 3 14 Point SinglesNot PlayedD.Hedges
State Ricochet SinglesNot PlayedNot Played
GC2019-20 2020-21
Country SinglesM.WoolfB.McHardy
State B Grade SinglesB.BoehmL.Millar
One Day SinglesB.McHardyB.McHardy
State C Grade SinglesD.PetherickG.Jessup
Ladies Invitational 6J.CarboneJ.Carbone
State Open DoublesB.McHardyB.McHardy
State Mens SinglesA.SandsG.Phipps
State Ladies SinglesR.DartJ.McHardy
Country Weekend ANot PlayedM.Woolf
Country Weekend BNot PlayedH.O’Neill
Country Weekend CNot PlayedD.Bower
Country Weekend TeamNot PlayedBusselton
Country Weekend Player of TournamentNot PlayedH.O’Neill
One Day B SinglesE.ParravicciniJ.Rechter
One Day C SinglesJ.CraddockJ.Rechter
One Day A Singles MidweekG.PhippsM.Trefusis-Paynter
State Open SinglesC.McWhirterG.Phipps
State Handicap SinglesNot PlayedD.Bower
ACA Bronze MedalT.BakG.Phipps
Selectors Invitational 6B.BrownM.Trefusis-Paynter
Brian Hadley StarJ.CarboneB.James
Best Other RegionH.AmyesE.Parraviccini
Best Other GenderP.ChristmassW.Pritchard
State Mixed DoublesH.AmyesR.Dart
Statewide TeamsNot PlayedThe Hard Hitters
Champion of Champions – CountryP.ChristmassG.Phipps
Champion of Champions – CityB.McHardyC.McWhirter
Champion of Champions – OverallM.ClarkeG.Phipps
Country DoublesB.McHardyB.McHardy
Metro Pennants – AForrest ParkForrest Park
Metro Pennants – BForrest ParkForrest Park
Metro Pennants – CComoEast Fremantle
Metro Pennants – Champion ClubForrest ParkForrest Park
Metro Pennants – Best Player – AC.McWhirterT.Bak / C.McWhirter
Metro Pennants – Best Player – BM.SpencerJ.Locke
Metro Pennants – Best Player – CG.BroadbentG.Rodereda

Most Improved

Most Improved ManT.BarkesT.Barkes
Most Improved LadyD.JuryE.Petrich
Most Improved – ManM.McGavockGary Phipps
Most Improved – LadyLesley HolmesRobyn Dart