WCF – Sixth Edition Golf Croquet Rules

Join Stephen Mulliner, member of the WCF and CA Golf Croquet Rules Committees, as he introduces the key changes and implications of the WCF 6th Edition Golf Croquet Rules – approved by the World Croquet Federation Council, to be adopted by the (English) CA from 27th March 2022.

Australia intends to begin implementation of the new rules on the 1st July.

  • Chapters
  • 00:00 Intro to the 6th Edition GC Rules
  • 00:10 Introduction from Stephen Mulliner
  • 01:19 Why are the new Rules coming out so soon after the Fifth Edition was published?
  • 03:05 Will players need to adopt different tactics as a result of the new Edition?
  • 04:03 What is the new Advantage version of the game and where did the idea come from?
  • 06:30 Advantage GC is an encouraging variation to the game. Are there any issues in practise?
  • 07:48 What are the new Rules 17 to 21 in the Sixth Edition?
  • 09:36 What adjustment has been made to the ruling on interferences?
  • 10:27 A new Rule 15.3 deals with impasses, what are impasses?
  • 12:06 Are there any other wording changes to be aware of?
  • 15:18 What are the changes to the rule on refereeing?
  • 16:55 What revisions have been made to the wrong ball Rule?
  • 22:21 What if there is a wrong ball in the first 4 turns of a game?
  • 23:13 Who is allowed to forestall a wrong ball?
  • 24:47 What was the response to the WCF public consultation questions?
  • 27:01 Summary

A good summary of the changes can be found in the document:

6th Edition GC Rules Briefing Part I Key Changes

6th Edition GC Rules Briefing Part II Other Changes

And the latest edition of the rules: WCF-GC-Rules-6th-Edition-Final-7.3.22.

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