Brunswick Mallet Sporting Club

Saturday saw us playing the Victorians at the Brunswick Mallet Sporting Club. It is a two court venue surrounded by an array of parklands and sporting facilities.

Throughout the day, the tennis courts were always full and another two hard courts were being laid down. The concrete pad was enormous. The local cricket team was playing and going by the on field noise, every ball looked like getting a wicket. Just to top it off, the whole surrounds allow lead free dog access and they were certainly out and about during the day.

The club has a proud history and Marty recognised the names of many significant players on their honour boards. Local members Robyn and John made us feel at home and ensured both courts were well prepared.

For many clubs, this has been a testing time due the amount of heavy rain they have received over the past few months. Even as we retired back to Owen’ house last night, we were treated to an impressive light display, coupled with strong winds and heavy rain. Conditions at Cairnlea I imagine must have very difficult.

Richard Hingst and Elaine Cloverdale came into the Victorian team for today’s test and it was such a treat to be able to play in such a lovely location.

Richard and Elaine

Full results of the days play can be found on Croquetscores.

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