Day 3 GC Interstate Shield

Today we visited North Adelaide for our game against New South Wales. It started life as an old bowling club and sits right next to the football oval. We were spoilt throughout the day by our hosts and the whole team stayed on for dinner.

The courts are terrific, especially when one considers the amount of rain over recent times. For the majority of the day, the weather was okay but we did have a delay after the doubles as there was significant surface water on courts 1,2 and 3. The other clubs hosting the ISS teams also had delays. The members worked hard and borrowed two super soakers to take up as much water as possible.

Peter and Kate vs Martin and Joyce in tough conditions
The drains were full!

Competition throughout the day was tight. Western Australia gained an early ascendancy but New South Wales fought back strongly over the last rotation. Joyce and Judith both showed great resolve and managed to win the crucial games to get us over the line. It was a great team effort.

Full results on Croquetscores

The days are quite long. Pick ups just before 7am, usually a 15 minute drive with Jack Brabham, unpack the gear, a quick hit up, followed by a morning briefing and then 3 rounds of best of two.

After a big day, some of us like to have a quiet drink while others make themselves comfortable and catch up on the world.

In perhaps a first today, one game was held up for at least 10 minutes when a ball from court 3 managed to escape the grounds by jumping over a fence. Thank goodness the neighbour’s pool had a cover otherwise the retrieval would have been even more difficult. No prizes for guessing whose red ball it was.

The fence in question.
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