Day 4 GC Interstate Shield

We were back at Norwood yesterday for our match against Victoria. The conditions were soggy but fair. I am continually amazed at how well the courts have stood up to all the rain and heavy use. All clubs have done a magnificent job, not just in terms of preparing the courts each day (starting as early as 6am and finishing quite late) but in making sure the event is managed well, the teams are well catered for (yummy GF orange cake at Norwood) and even coming to watch some of the action.

Yesterday I learnt how tough this event really is. Every game was a battle and our opposition came to play with a fierce determination to do well. Nobody gave an inch and so taking photos never even crossed my mind. I suspect today will be similar.

We started off well in the doubles but in the first round of singles, Victoria won 5 of the 8 matches. Brett was the only WA player to be undefeated in their singles game during the day. I have it on good authority that the games against Lester were a great watch with lots of good hitting from both players.

In the recent world championships, the AC players did really well and after playing Stephen and Kevin today, I can see why. Great touch, awesome short angled jumps, consistent clearances, attention to detail, and excellent hoop running techniques. They were great to play against.

Coming into the last day, the event is wide open and so every hoop, every game and every match is critical. What more could one ask for.

However, regardless of what today brings, it has been an absolute buzz to be able to finally play in this event, spending time with quality people and having the opportunity to wear the WA colours.

Good luck to everyone today but GO WA!

There was one photo though: and i never spilt a drop!!
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