Coaching is all around us

We are most fortunate in WA with the number of coaching opportunities that are available to us.

All of our clubs take an active role in building our great game. From club run sessions such as those conducted by Sheila and Christine at Halls Head on a Monday, the GC and AC courses run by Jannine on a Thursday morning at Moorabinda and club sessions at Cambridge are just a few of the examples.

Jannine coaching at Moorabinda this morning.

Added to this, Marty has been visiting many of the clubs and running one day sessions, as well as visiting a few clubs in the Eastern States as part of his role as the Australian Croquet Association High Performance Manager.

Yesterday, he was spotted at Forrest Park and there was a great turnout from the members who lined the courts eager to learn more.

There are also a number of GC and AC squad practices that are conducted throughout the year.

Yesterday, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Megan, Tim, Judith, John, Marcus and myself all participated in the last of our AC State Team Development sessions with Alan Sands. These have ben fantastic and we have learnt so much. Our focus yesterday was on setting a leave, thick take offs and revising much of what we had done earlier.

We are indeed lucky in WA!

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