Ricochet Update

Ricochet is now quite strong on Fridays, alternately at Como and Sorrento, but the Sorrento contingent are having quite a battle getting back across the river at the 3pm finishing time, given that this is the end of the working week.

Enquiries at Como seem to suggest no problems with starting an hour earlier so we’ll try this for a couple of Como sessions before deciding whether this should become the officially scheduled slot on the calendar.

To avoid confusion we’ve also shifted the time for the Sorrento sessions to align with Como (starting this week).   This, of course, will also help any South of River players returning from Sorrento.

It’s pleasing that our new players are ‘coming back for more’, with a promise of more newcomers soon. We had a squad of 12 last week with a full spread of experience to enable a good mix of sets.  As usual we played two 14 point games with a refreshment/socialising break between.

The Dunsborough Ricochet Doubles Tournament is now fully booked and cemented in place.    There are 2 teams from Como, 1 from Sorrento, 1 York, 1 Belmont, 1 mixed Forrest Park/Moorabinda and 2 Dunsborough.     

I understand that Geraldton recently trialled a Ricochet weekend which met with such success that RC is now a weekly fixture on their calendar!     

Cambridge too are interested in introducing Ricochet play once the weather is more conducive to enticing people out onto the lawns to learn a new discipline.

All  in all, quite promising as a re-start for WA. Peter Hamilton

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