British Gold and Silver Medals

Written by Martin Clarke

The British gold and Silver Medals were presented to affiliated groups for a time prior to World War Two.

It appears that Mr G. H. Gordon of New South Wales negotiated with the British Croquet Association to institute a medal system for these affiliated groups.

To be eligible for the medals the local ruling body therefore had to affiliate to the Croquet Association, remember this was before the Australian Croquet Council came into being.

Medals appear to have been awarded in South Africa, New Zealand and the Australian States.

NSW was the first state to receive and play for these medals, this was 1909, Victoria followed in 1918, Tasmania 1921, South Australia 1923, Queensland 1924 and finally Western Australia in 1928.

Gold and Silver Medals were sent from England, it appears yearly { there is at least one case where they were still in transit and could not be presented immediately }.

In WA, the Gold Medal was open to the top players only, the Silver Medal to B Grade players.

The local association tried to build on this by donating a separate local association medal as well.

The medals ran in all jurisdictions until 1939, despite hopes of a continuation after the war this was not forthcoming.

Each event was two life { draw and process } best of three.

A separate national body event called the British Silver Medal was later brought about after the Australian Croquet Council came into being.

British Gold Medal award winners in WA were;

1928, 1930, 1934, 1935  Mrs Gallagher of the Kings Park club

1929 Mrs Farmilo of the Kitchener Park club

1931, 1932 Mrs Sayers of the Kitchener Park club

1933 Mrs Dickson of the Kitchener Park club

1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 Mrs Cruttenden of the Bassendean club

British Silver Medal award winners in WA were;

1928, Mrs Byass of the Cottesloe club

1929, Miss Thorne { or Thorns } of the North Perth club

1930, Mrs Clough of the Midland Junction club

1931, Mrs Irvine of the Kings Park club

1932, Mrs Cruttenden who was then at the Swan club in Guildford, as Bassendean were not yet in existence

1933, Mrs MacDonald of the Royal Park club

1934, Mrs Carse of the Como club

1935, Mrs Hunter of the Cottesloe club { not to be confused with another family member who played at Como }

1936, Mrs Harvey of the North Perth club

1937, Mrs Pember of the Fremantle club

1938, Mrs Kirk of the Leederville club

1939, Mrs Walters of the East Fremantle club

The local association offer a Bronze Medal in 1928, which was won by Mrs Dickson.

In 1930 the local association decided to confuse the situation by offering a local WA Gold Medal as well, this was separate to the above events and also separate to the State Championship Singles.

1930, Mrs Reay of North Perth club

1931, Mrs Dickson of Kitchener Park club

1932, Mrs Liebenow of Subiaco club

1933, Mrs Black of Mount Lawley club

1934, Miss Thorne of North Perth club

1935, Mrs Cruttenden of Bassendean club

1936, Mrs Massey of Mount Lawley club

1937, Mrs Jewell of North Perth club

1938, Mrs Kingwell of Leederville club

1939, Mrs Sorrell of Royal Park club

This competition continued into the War before records vanish in 1942.

1940, Mrs Cruttenden of Bassendean club

1941, Mrs Hames of Nedlands club

There may have been a minor medal and a silver medal briefly as well but records are unconfirmed at this time.

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