Draft Calendar 2023-24

As you can imagine, putting together a calendar of events is not an easy task and takes a considerable amount of time.

To assist us in moving forward, Match committee is now seeking feedback and/or suggestions from all clubs relating to the 2023-24 calendar, along with the preferred timing of the tournaments they currently hold. I have placed all existing events on a date as close as possible to their last running.

A few considerations:

Both the ACA teams events are being held a few weeks earlier next season. To complicate matters further, Moorabinda is holding the Over 50’s World Championship in October and Easter Friday is late March.

  • Oct 13-21 WCF Over 50’s GC World Championship – Bunbury
  • Nov 18-26 ACA AC Open Doubles and Singles – Victoria
  • Jan 13-16 Under 21 Championships – Victoria
  • Feb 9-11 ACA President’s 8 GC – Victoria
  • Mar 6-17 ACA EIRE CUP Carnival – Tasmania
  • March 28 EASTER Friday – Mon 1st April
  • May 4-12 ACA GC Open Doubles and Singles – Victoria
  • Aug 28-Sept 6 ACA ISS Carnival – Queensland

The following dates have been earmarked for our State Open Events

  • Dec 9-10 State AC Open Doubles – Nedlands
  • Jan 20-21 State AC Mens & Ladies Singles – Moorabinda
  • Feb 10-11 State AC Mixed Doubles – Como
  • Apr 6-7 State GC Open Doubles – Forrest Park
  • Apr 20-21 State GC Men’s and Ladies Singles – Moorabinda
  • Jun 1-3 State GC Open Singles – Como
  • Jun ACA Bronze Medal – Nedlands
  • Jun 29-30 State AC Open Singles – Como
  • Aug 10-11 State GC Mixed Doubles

To ensure your voice is heard, all correspondence should come directly to Match.



Kind regards

Gary Phipps

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