Advantage GC 2022 Update

An update to playing Advantage GC has recently been posted on the World Croquet Federation.

Croquetwest trialled it last year in the State GC Handicap Singles event and after conducting our own review, Match Committee determined that we should trial it again in 2022.

You can find all the updated information here, including a copy of the full review undertaken.

In Summary:

2022 update – amendments identified
The trial showed that most people felt this game provided a closer experience to level play GC than using extra strokes. The data showed that this variant provided closer matches than the use of extra strokes. Previous analysis has shown that extra strokes generally favours the stronger player, however, data collected over some 836 games of Advantage GC, showed that in some cases there was a slight advantage for the weaker player. To correct this, the Starting Scores Table has been amended.”

First to 7 Hoops

Advantage GC Table 1 – Starting Scores First to 7 Hoops

Advantage GC Table 2 – Starting Scores First to 10 hoops

How to play Advantage GC 2022 – Revision

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