Golf Croquet Problem Corner #6

The balls are represented in the diagrams by the following letters:

B = Blue, R = Red, K = Black, Y = Yellow.

The circles drawn around the hoops have radius 1 yard, 2 yard, etc., and the playing side is at the bottom of the page

After yellow ran the first hoop blue played a shot which finished very near the second hoop but too wide to be able to run the hoop. Even sitting in the hoop from there would be close to impossible. Red then played to a position about four yards from blue roughly between blue and the western boundary. Red is not wired from blue. Black took up very good hoop running position and yellow played to the position shown. What should blue do?

Suppose the position was the mirror image of the one shown in the diagram so that it was possible for blue to clear red to the far eastern boundary, not just the nearby western boundary. Would your choice of shot be different for blue?

The Experts: Scenario 6 Suggestions

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