Victor Harbour Grand Tour

After spending 9 days on the croquet court, it has been really nice to get out and about, as well as lazing around.

The view from near where I am staying.

After settling in, one had to go and do the usual thing and check out all the local landmarks. There was only one thing that really caught my interest.

Yesterday we visited Granite Island and hitched a ride on the horse drawn tram. Albert had the honour of doing all the work and amazingly, he seemed to do it effortlessly (even his gait was much better than mine)

Today we caught the Cockle Train from Goolwa to Victor Harbour. It runs along the beach for a substantial part of the trip and I even spied the locals playing GC!

The weather was a bit overcast and there was some drizzle around so we decided a road trip was in order. Firstly, a quick drive over the bridge to Hindmarsh Island and then on to the mouth of the Murray River. From there, we headed to Crows Nest Lookout and Hindmarsh Falls.

The view from the lookout was stunning 😬and the steps to the falls proved worthwhile.

Crows Nest Lookout- evidently the best views Goolwa.

It certainly is a great area to visit. I believe tomorrow afternoon is association day at the Victor Harbour Croquet Club. I might have to venture down and check it out.

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